// goodbye //
???? feeel free 2 unfolo

hey all! im sure y’all don’t remember me anymore or the thought “do i even follow this blog????” but um halo! i’ve been really not that updated about fandom anymore because of hectic school schedules and it’s just that everything’s falling apart and i can’t really get my shit together causing me to really lose my muse. interesting how fast a muse can come and then slip right on out the door in a split second you happen to be looking in the other direction.. also and not gonna lie, other things also have my attention and interest too now that kinda shadowed dbsk . idk if its a trend to hate someone to have another interest other that the norm but yeah i’ve come to realize you just move on sometimes, like it’s not the same as before and you can’t control it. i’m not quitting the fandom (how) i love dbsk and they’re my first love no one’s gonna replace that. 

idrk if someone would care but i’m not “deactivating” this blog because the usual reasons like memories, edits, blah blah so i’m just going on a permanent hiatus. maybe in the future when i got on a grip of myself i’ll comeback with a new blog (and hopefully still not a shitty one with a still shitty ps skills)

still, been thanking all these 1,933 followers and the 132 blogs i follow that kept me going on for i think… 3yrs? the relationships i made here; may be it good or bad, i thank you all for the memories! had a total of 39,54 posts and 41,899 likes (pretty massive for someone who spends most of their time on tumblr for years before college hit up lmao) and not a single regret! (maybe my posts on my fetus years but„„)

so yeah, feel free to unfollow anytime! (not that i ever restrained any of you rolf) and just hmu if you have anything to ask (just not this url pls ;_;)

till then and thank you all qts!!!!!!!

- mish yunhorny